WhatsApp May Have Native Clients For Windows and OS X


WhatsApp has certainly had their share of the lime light. They introduced the highly successful “WhatsApp for Web” feature last year and also implemented encrypted end-to-end communications in April this year.

A Native WhatsApp App For Windows and OS X

Now, the company is working on developing native client apps for Windows 10 and OS X systems. Yes, that’s right, you will be able to actually send and receive WhatsApp messages through your PC without actually logging into your WhatsApp account on your smartphone. According to a few screenshots seen online by WABetaInfo, there appears to be an assortment of download buttons for Mac and Windows editions of WhatsApp.

Image taken from https://twitter.com/WABetaInfo

Although according to a report filed by Android Police, all these remain unconfirmed, but nonetheless, launching standalone apps for these platforms is well within the scope of WhatsApp’s hopes and dreams. If standalone apps for Windows and OS X clients do appear, they will pretty much function the same way that the mobile and web versions currently operate allowing users to login and sync data across devices with a single number.

In addition, there are rumors that the company is also planning to add more features to the current lineup within the coming weeks. One such feature is rumored to be a “Call Back” which would show notifications for a missed call with an added call back button. From there onwards, a user can directly return the call without opening WhatsApp. If launched, the feature would be available to both Android and iOS users.

Another feature the team is rumored to be working on is a voicemail system for iOS devices. As such, users will have “Record Voice Mail” and “Send Voice Mail” buttons on their WhatsApp interface, thus allowing them to send a voice mail whilst in a call. Furthermore, you can also expect the voicemail to record and share in-call audio as well.

These are indeed interesting times we live in, don’t you think?

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  1. Not even a native Desktop client will bring me back to WhatsApp. I switched to Threema the day Facebook bought WhatsApp, and I’ve been happy with Threema ever since (not only does it provide actual privacy, it also offers some unique features and a polished look).

  2. hopefully the years will end, where i had to install whatsapp on an android emulation layer to bother chicks on chats


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