Windows 10 Creators Update: The Cool Features We Like


After eager anticipation, it’s finally here. Yes, that’s right. Microsoft’s new update for Windows 10 titled the “Creator’s Update” is finally here. Initially announced in October 2016, the Creators Update highlights a multitude of new 3D creation tools, updates and improvements to live-streaming and custom tournaments for the Xbox app. It would also focus on communicating with your loved ones, by placing them at the center of your Windows experience. So what exactly are the new features added with the Creators Update?

For starters, you can now paint in 3D

Remember Microsoft Paint? Of course you do. I myself recall spending countless hours just doodling random designs and then saving them thinking that I’ll sell them and make millions. Well, that dream aside, the venerable Paint application has received a complete overhaul. The new Paint app allows you to draw in 2D and also draw shapes.

Creators Update
Image taken from: Lifehacker

You can paint in 2D as well as draw shapes and then force it into a 3D environment. From there, you can add text, and import shapes from the ‘Remix 3D’ library. You can even upload your own creations. The new interface takes a bit of getting used to but if you can spend hours on Paint as a kid, this shouldn’t be a problem for you.

Calling all Gamers! You can now stream your games via the Xbox app

Creators Update
Image taken from: PCWorld

This too is a personal favorite of mine. Using the new and improved Xbox app, Microsoft has integrated streaming after their purchase of Beam, a streaming app to rival Twitch. To start your own stream, simply press the Windows key + G and a floating ‘game bar’ will appear. From there, you can set up a stream and switch to the new Game Mode. This essentially prioritizes your game over other background system applications so you would see a smoother gaming experience and a more consistent frame rate.

Windows 10 now has a Night Light

Creators Update
Image taken from: Wccftech

By now you’ve probably heard of the harmful effects of Blue light that is emitted from our screens. The light essentially confuses our brains about the time of day resulting in an irregular sleep pattern. Called Night Light, the option is available under the “Settings” tab. You can tweak options such as scheduling what time you want Night Light to kick in, and ever adjust the color temperature to one that suits you and is easy on your eyes. Since I work a lot in the night and I turn the lights in my room off, this setting is actually quite useful.

It also has a Dynamic Lock

Creators Update
Image taken from: Windows Central

The Dynamic Lock is a new feature for Windows 10. It allows you to automatically lock a PC running Windows 10 if you’re away from it. You can also pair a Bluetooth device such as a phone or a wearable, and the OS will detect the distance of the device and lock the PC once the Bluetooth device is out of range.

Improvements to Microsoft Edge

A lot of people would run away from using Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge. For those who do use it, Microsoft has tweaked the Edge browser. You can now set tabs aside and save them for viewing later on. Think of it as capturing a snapshot of the current browser window rather than actually bookmarking the page. They’ve also added eBook support and the ability to view 360 videos to Edge.

Greater control over your privacy

Creators Update
Image taken from: Lifehacker

Microsoft has certainly taken a beating for not exactly being open about what information they collect about your Windows usage. With the Creators Update, Microsoft gives you the ability to choose if you wish to be the target of ads, collect diagnostic data, know your location, and a few more settings. You also get more control over Windows updates themselves. This is a very useful feature if you find your PC suddenly rebooting without warning to install updates or if you’re bombarded with prompts asking you to update.

If you still haven’t gotten the Update

Overall, these are some of the key new features available in the Creators Update. There’s a lot more features available and you can see it for yourself if you install the update. Speaking of which, if you still haven’t got the Creators Update, you can manually get the update via Microsoft’s Update Assistant.

Did you install the Creators Update for Windows 10? Love it? Hate it? Leave a comment below.


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