Windows 10 Could Be The Last Version Of Windows, Ever

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Microsoft has been gaining quite a bit of popularity with Windows 10. Not only because it sports that all new Start Menu and support for Cortana, but also because it’s a free update.

Now it would seem that this may very well be the last version of Windows to be released, ever. That’s right, there won’t be a Windows 11. Microsoft will continue development and improve it by adding enhancements and features over time. This was quoted off Jerry Nixon, a developer at Microsoft’s Ignite conference. Apparently, or so the rumor goes, Microsoft will just keep pushing updates to Windows 10. It’s a positively Mac-like strategy, and if it’s real, we think it might be crucial – not just in dealing with the expensive OS updates and security issues that has plagued the Windows userbase since time immemorial, but also in getting the entire market hooked onto a better-engineered OS one unified user experience (remember, most people are still running Windows XP).

Apparently the developers at Microsoft had been quite busy working on the base of Windows 10 throughout 2014 even before Windows 8.1 was launched. The interesting question is whether they’ll take this approach with applications as well, offering them as services with periodic updates rather than stand-alone packages (Office 365, anyone?). According to sources, Windows 10 will be free for the first year, with a subscription fee added afterwards (similar to how Office 365 works) Then again, anyone as excited as we are?

The newly improved Start Menu Image taken from
The newly improved Start Menu
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  1. And I believe they’ve said that they would follow a similar approach for their software since the apps are going to be universal


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