The Women’s Chamber for Digital and what it means


With the purpose of empowering female tech entrepreneurs, the Women’s Chamber for Digital was launched on the 27th of June 2019. In case you missed it, the Women’s Chamber for Digital is an initiative proposed by Ajith P. Perera, Minister of Digital Infrastructure and Information Technology. It is also facilitated by the ICT Agency of Sri Lanka.

What exactly is the Women’s Chamber for Digital?

Well, think of it as a driving force of the Government’s policy on women empowerment. At the same time, it would also accelerate Sri Lanka’s digital economic growth by empowering women. The Women’s Chamber for Digital is supported by three Ministries.

They are the Ministry of Digital Infrastructure and Information Technology, Ministry of Women and Child Affairs and the Ministry of Education. A number of pioneering women leaders in the country are also a part of this initiative.

What would the Women’s Chamber for Digital do?

The objectives of the Women’s Chamber for Digital are multi-faceted. For starters, the chamber would be responsible for encouraging, supporting and providing guidance to female tech entrepreneurs. They would also empower and advance women leadership via fostering professional development and growth.

The chamber will look at a wider method of getting more women empowered by tech. Why? Because from there, these women can pursue a career in IT or even kickstart their own business venture. The chamber will also have its own lineup of national-level flagship projects. They would also work together and engage with partners both local and international to carry out similar initiatives.

Women’s Chamber for Digital
A snapshot from the launch event of the Women’s Chamber for Digital (Image Credits: DailyFT)

In addition, they would also increase women participation and the retention rate in the digital industry. Lastly, the chamber would play an advisory role in government policymaking for women empowerment and also play a part in executing legislative policies on the challenges that women face at work

The chamber would also assist in the overall 4 objectives via four E’s. These are education, entrepreneurship, engagement and empowerment. In addition, the chamber would also implement projects to support women through a number of initiatives. These include advocacy, mentoring and guidance, networking and policy-level developments.

If you are interested in the Women’s Chamber for Digital, and how it can assist you or if you have any inquiries about it, you can check out the official website here.



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