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    ReadMe.lk is a multi-authored news network and we’re always looking for talented, creative individuals to join us.

    If you’d like to write for ReadMe we’d love to hear from you. Paper qualifications are nice, but not necessary – we value practical experience more, so if you think you know what you’re talking about, give us a shout. Drop an email to [email protected]

    Writing Guidelines

    • Language. US English (that means it’s color, not colour).
    • Grammar.  We prefer functional grammar over long sentences that make no sense. If you can manage long sentences with style, please go ahead. On the other hand, if you can’t do it without mixing up tenses, subjects and predicates, then by all means stick to simple language.
    • Journalistic integrity. We expect any submissions to be well researched, the author to be familiar with the subject matter and any points and allegations made to be grounded in fact. Educated opinion is encouraged, marketing is not.
    • Screenshots and Pictures.  Screenshots should be JPEG (.jpg) or PNG (.png) files, and should have the highest possible resolution. Please make sure that your screen is clear of personal data (like logins, email addresses etc) when taking shots. Photographs that are submitted should be of high quality and over HD (1920×1080) resolutions.
    • Author Description.  Please include a two or three sentence description of yourself with every piece you send in
    • Citing Sources. We’re very serious about copyright infringement. If you have taken text or pictures from a source we expect you to cite it clearly in your article.

    Article submission format

    • We prefer Microsoft Word / OpenOffice Document / private Hackpad / gDocs. They make our lives easier.
    • Photos can be sent in via email, Mega, DropBox or gDrive.
    • You should hear from us within 4 days of mailing the article.
    • Mail it to [email protected]

    The topics we write about

    At ReadMe we solely focus on publishing articles about the Sri Lankan tech industry and how technology impacts our world. As such, we don’t write about topics such as health, pets, sports, etc., unless there’s a technological angle related to it. For submissions about topics not related to technology, please check out our friends at Nexia Capital Media. You’ll find them at Nexia Capital.