WS02Con Asia starts tomorrow!


It’s that time of the year again! WSO2Con  was definitely one of the biggest things to hit the Sri Lankan techscape last year, when WSO2 brought down some of the best, geekiest speakers we’d ever seen on a stage – including Eben Upton, the founder of the Raspberry Pi foundation and Brian Behlendorf, Founder of Apache. Not to mention it took place in London and Colombo at the same time.

If anything, 2014’s  WSO2Con – which kicks off tomorrow – is only going to be bigger and better. In a nutshell, WSO2’s kicking off three conferences (not simultaneously, though) – one in Asia, one in Spain and another one in the US of A. Starting tomorrow and ending on the 26th of March, Water’s Edge is going to be on the receiving end of WSO2Con Asia. We’ve already spoken about what we can expect to see during the course of the three days (we’ve got a bit less of the Eben Upton and a quite a bit more of the WSO2 angle this time).  

If you’re not among the 300 who will attend, don’t worry: we’ve got you covered. The Readme LIVE team is going to be blogging from right inside that crowd. If you’re unable to attend or unwilling to shell out the Rs 19,500 for registration, sit back, keep a weather eye on our live blog and twitter (@readmelk and @readmelive) and enjoy the show. You can heck out the WSO2Con agenda here




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