WSA Global Congress headed to Colombo


Yes, you read the title correctly! On the 23rd of October Sri Lanka will be hosting the prestigious WSA Global Congress 2013, thanks to the Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka (ICTA).

Occurring every two years, the World Summit Awards (WSA) is a fast paced 3 day event that will feature 40 outstanding application developers, more than 60 high-profile speakers and attract high-level guests from all over the world, including Heads of States and government representatives, executives from UN agencies and private sector leaders.

It aims to present the most creative mobile and web applications from all over the world and to offer their developers a global audience, as well as discuss the crucial role of e-Content for the global economy, environment, government, healthcare, education and mobility.

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This year’s conference program will include keynote-sessions, panel discussions and hands-on workshops about the content industry, e-Learning, ICT & Women as well as emerging markets. Furthermore, 40 developers are poised to receive the prestigious World Summit Award, to highlight the potential ICT has in various fields such as e-Learning and e-Business.

The developers will demonstrate the richness and diversity of e-content around the globe and will show that in an almost entirely connected world, it takes quality content to fulfil the promises of the information society,” said visiting UN-based WSA Initiative Chairman Peter A. Bruck at a press conference held on the 28th of June at JAIC Hilton.


Additionally, this year’s conference will also focus on how the internet and mobile technologies can be used to achieve the UN Millennium Development Goals. Therefore, 18 young entrepreneurs will present their work in their fight against social issues such as hunger and poverty to showcase the potential which ICT has in overcoming these issues.

As such, Prof. Bruck added, “The social entrepreneurs who will present their work in Sri Lanka this year will demonstrate how new media can play a central role when addressing global issues such as hunger, child mortality, lack of education, and environmental pollution. Many of them use the problems they encounter in their daily lives as a starting point for their own work.


Speaking on how Sri Lanka has the honour of hosting this prestigious event, ICTA CEO Reshan Dewapura said “The ICT policy of the Government of Sri Lanka has been both ambitious and successful. It includes making the dividends of ICT accrue to all the people of Sri Lanka in the best way possible. One of its aims in the regional arena is to make Sri Lanka the knowledge hub of the region. The privilege Sri Lanka got to host WSA 2013 itself is a further eloquent proof that ICTA has faithfully played and continues to play its role as the apex body for implementing the national ICT policy. The three-day UN-based WSA Global Congress 2013 that would form the zenith of the ICT week will be an ideal event. It will bring together the best in the field for sharing of expertise and experience and planning for the future.

Mr Reshan Dewapura also expressed that by hosting this event, Sri Lanka will attract lucrative business opportunities as well as foreign investment in the future. So, stay tuned as we you bring you the latest from it!



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