WSO2.Telco Is Helping Digital Enablement In Brazil


WSO2.Telco, a joint venture between Axiata Digital and WSO2, announced that seven leading telecom operators in Brazil are using the WSO2.Telco Digital Enablement Hub. They use it to deliver the GSMA Mobile Connect mobile-based authentication solution.

Just to provide a brief background, Axiata Digital is the digital service arm of Axiata Group Berhad. Established 4 years ago, the company has accumulated a portfolio of 30 brands. These brands operate in insurance, mobile advertising, eCommerce and more. Some of these brands are 11st, StoreKing, BIMA, AdKnowledge Asia, and Yonder Music

Together with WSO2, Axiata Digital launched WSO2.Telco last year. This is an open source platform for digital enablement based on WSO2’s middleware platform. The platform is developed by Axiata’s digital services unit, Axiata Digital Services Sdn Bhd (AD) and its Sri Lankan operating company, Dialog Axiata PLC (Dialog).

What does WSO2.Telco do?

Essentially, WSO2.Telco offers extended ease of use for mobile users. These users can securely access a range of websites, apps and services by using their mobile numbers for identification. Simultaneously, this would be beneficial for all telecom operators adopting the solution. This is because it helps enhance the experience of the digital services they provide.

Some features of WSO2.Telco
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This marks a new milestone for WSO2.Telco as it is the first Digital Enablement Hub launched in the Americas. Currently, WSO2.Telco technology powers a Digital Enablement Hub for Axiata. In other words, it powers a system that’s used by 320 million customers covering six counties in the ASEAN and South Asia region. Furthermore, it also powers a Mobile Connect Hub in India that brings together six Indian operators serving over 800 million customers.

What is GSMA’s Mobile Connect and what does it do?

It gives customers the ability to create and manage a universal identity to login into services. It offers simplicity and security to authenticates users. In doing so, it ensures that they can access digital and mobile content safely. Mobile Connect works by making use of a user’s mobile number, It then combines the mobile number with a PIN to verify and allow online access.

The advantage offered by GSMA Mobile Connect
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The service will be used commercially by a wide range of digital service providers.  Some of these services are: commerce, finance and banking, health services, and entertainment. During initial stages, Brazilian mobile subscribers will be able to access Mobile Connect services, including login and self-care apps, from their operator’s website. In terms of future plans, this will be compatible with any location that has the Mobile Connect logo.

How WSO2.Telco is helping Brazil

As we stated above, the Mobile Connect service in Brazil is powered by the WSO2.Telco API-driven digital enablement hub. This cloud-based hub enables telecom operators to create and manage numerous network services. And at a lower cost in comparison to previous systems. As the service is fully managed by WSO2.Telco on behalf of the seven telecom operators in Brazil, it has allowed the operators to offer better services to their customers.

The Mobile Connect service powered by the WSO2.Telco API
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At the same time, solution providers who work with the telecom operators will also benefit. This is because they can offer all the advantages of Mobile Connect. These include an easy, intuitive user experience along with robust security. Significantly, solution providers are gaining access to what is by far the largest hub in Brazil, enabling them to reach a majority of mobile consumers in Brazil through a single integration with the WSO2.Telco-powered hub.

Venura Mendis, CEO of WSO2.Telco explained that “We’re proud to empower the Brazilian mobile users and telecom operators with GSMA’s Mobile Connect solution. With the launch of this hub we are expanding our footprint beyond Asia and now power over 1 billion end users”. If you’re interested in WSO2.Telco, you can read more about it here.


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