Xiaomi’s air purifier, more bans for Uber, Android has a new malware


It’s another day. It’s cold, but it’s another day.  And this happened:

Xiaomi releases Air purifier


In the event that you are a citizen of Beijing or other parts of China or for that matter anywhere in the world that has a major pollution problem, then fear no; Xiaomi is here to save you.

No its not another phone. In fact, its something totally unrelated to a phone. Its an Air purifier. That’s right, Xiaomi released an Air Purifier.

Called the Mi Air Purifier, it is a product only to be manufactured and used in China at present which is much like most tech released by Xiaomi. Depending on where you are in China, the device starts at 899 RMB which is around US$150. Even though there’s no official release date for now, Xiaomi has stated that pre-orders can start by 6pm in China; full sales will begin December 16. But there are no plans for the product to go global yet.

Xiaomi states that the dual fan and four air duct system can produce 10,000 liters of clean air per minute, while it can filter out 99.99 percent of the dangerous PM2.5 air particles.

It even has its own remote control app that is programmed to send you a message for example, when a replacement filter is needed.

Uber gets banned in Spain

German Court Bans Uber Service Nationwide

The rather controversial app-based taxi service Uber was faced with more bads news as a judge today banned it from operating in Spain. And the move is being attempted moves in several other countries.

According to the Lawsuit filed against the company, it reads that “lack the administrative authorization to carry out the job, and the activity they carry out constitutes unfair competition,”

This ban also coincides as the same day as governments in India and Thailand imposed bans on the cab service. While Thailand claimed that Uber was operating illegally in the country, India decided to ban the service following the Delhi rape case where Uber driver Shiv Kumar Yadav allegedly raped a woman in the cab on the 6th of December. This has caused cab services such as this to be under a lot of scrutiny and has also put a spotlight on the drivers’ verification process in India, when issuing commercial transport licenses.

But that’s not all. The company is currently facing issues with Nevada, Germany, Brazil, and Oregon.

New Trojan hits Android, can steal personal data


it seems that yet another flaw in the Android ecosystem has been exploited. Titled “AndroidSmssend”, the malware is a trojan virus that robs important details from the device and can also apparently illegally send SMSes to the user’s contacts

The Computer Emergency Response Team of India (CERT-In) had this to say about the malware; ”Android/SmsSend is a premium service abuser family malware that arrives bundled with legitimate Android applications and infects Android based smart phones. ”Once infected, it sends text messages (typically with a link to itself or a different threat) to a specific number, typically to numbers on the contact list and is also capable to send SMS to premium rate numbers,”

The virus has a notorious track record according to CERT-In. It “steals contacts and pictures, tracks the location, steals passwords, illegally accesses text messages, crashes a complete system, steals personal banking information when logged in, installs other sort of spyware and disables firewall and anti-virus program to defend itself.”

The malware is apparently created by modifying the legit application and then re-distributing it hence users are urged not to download applications from unknown locations and to not install from unknown sources.



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