Yarl Geek Challenge Season 5 is happening over the weekend


It’s that time of the year again. Once again, we’re packing our bags for a three days journey to Jaffna. Why? Because the Yarl Geek Challenge Season 5 is happening this weekend. In case you’re lost, the Yarl Geek Challenge (YGC for short) is a three-day hackathon. Organized by the non-profit Organization, Yarl IT Hub as part of its mission to make Jaffna the next Silicon Valley.

Everything for the Yarl Geek Challenge Season 5 was set up a month ago, with the launch of the hackathon. Afterward, the Yarl IT Hub got countless proposals. From these proposals, 25+ teams have been selected to compete in the selection round. This selection round is what the three-day hackathon is. This hackathon will start on the 4th of November and end on the 6th of November at the HNB Metro Green building auditorium.

Yarl Geek Challenge Season 5
A snapshot of how teams work over the course of the Yarl Geek Challenge

Over the course of the Yarl Geek Challenge, teams working together on a startup idea with their mentors. The first two days of the Hackathon is for the teams to work with the mentors, polish their ideas and perfect their pitches. The final day of the event is when things will get exciting. For this is the day they contestants will be giving their pitches to a panel of judges.

The competition sees a large number of participants. But only a few selected teams will go on to compete at the Grand Finale, which will happen in Colombo. The Grand Finale itself will take place on the 19th of November. This is where the biggest showdown will happen. Yet to truly appreciate it, one needs to witness the first few stages. For it is in these stages we’ve seen teams struggle as they try to bring their startup ideas to life.

So if you’re interested in startups and visiting Jaffna over the weekend, drop by and witness the Yarl Geek Challenge Season 5. If you can’t then fret not. As Digital Media Partners, we at ReadMe will be bringing you the latest updates as the event unfolds, over the course of three days. Now if you’ll excuse us, we need to pack our bags. We have to catch the next train to Jaffna.


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