Yarl Geek Challenge Season 6 Seniors is happening!


Once again time has come for us to visit Jaffna. Yarl Geek Challenge season 6 has already begun with the hackathon for juniors, and the platform is now open to seniors. For those who are lost, the Yarl Geek Challenge is a hackathon, which is organized by Yarl IT Hub to provide a platform for new and aspiring entrepreneurs in the country. And this hackathon is now happening for the sixth consecutive year. While the junior level hackathon is for school goers, the senior level is for those who have left school and want to build IT-based companies.

What to expect at the Yarl Geek Challenge Season 6 Seniors

Being a platform for the aspiring entrepreneurs, the Yarl Geek Challenge puts three important stages in front of you to pass. In the first stage, you will have to either write an e-mail or fill the online registration form about your idea and send it to the organizing committee. Although it might sound a bit easy, the chances of getting into the hackathon depend on how impressive your idea is.

If your idea impresses the jury, you and your team will progress onto the first round of the hackathon. This round will take place in Jaffna for three days. This is that actual hackathon, which starts on the 3rd of November and ends on the 5th of November. During your stay at Jaffna, you will be guided and mentored by experts in the technical side of your idea and the business sector. At the same time, you will be tasked with building a working prototype of your idea.

Yarl Geek Challenge Season 6 Seniors
The teams working on their ideas at the Yarl Geek Challenge

On the third day, you will be pitching your idea to a panel of judges. At the end of this round, there will be a set of teams that will be shortlisted to compete in the finals. The Grand Finale is the third and the final round of the Yarl Geek Challenge Season 6 Seniors. This final round will take place in Colombo on the 19th of November with a different panel of judges.

What are you waiting for? Apply Now!

To give it a try, send your applications to [email protected] or fill out the form here. For more details about the hackathon, don’t forget to drop in by for the launch. The launch will be happening this weekend at Uki in Jaffna. You can also find more details by visiting their official page. As always, we will be bringing you in the news about the launch this weekend and about the hackathon.


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