We’re Heading To Jaffna For Yarl Geek Challenge Season 07


Over the years, we’ve been to our fair share of hackathons and coding competitions. The ideas that came from these have been a mixture of good, bad, and peculiar. But one thing that seemed constant was that a majority of hackathons were held in Colombo. Where all these changes are with Yarl Geek Challenge or YGC.

What is Yarl Geek Challenge?

Yarl Geek Challenge YGCYou probably already know what YGC is. But in case you don’t, the Yarl Geek Challenge, more affectionately referred to as YGC primarily a competition. Organized by the Yarl IT Hub in Jaffna, think of YGC as the premier entrepreneurship competition open to all youth.

Why is it held?

For starters, YGC is the stepping stone to nurture and cultivate a startup mindset. In addition, it also helps develop technological skills, business skills, and foster creativity and innovation as well. While these skills may be strong in Colombo-centric areas, there is an increase in participants and ideas from Northern Sri Lanka as well. As such, over the years, YGC has helped strengthen the startup ecosystem in the North and introduce a new wave of entrepreneurs each year.

Yarl Geek Challenge YGC
A snapshot of Yarl Geek Challenge Season 6

How is YGC held?

The YGC or Yarl Geek Challenge Season 7 for seniors consists of 3 parts. First and foremost, teams or individuals interested in taking part would have to apply. The applications would then be reviewed and shortlisted. Shortlisted teams would then participate in the Yarl Geek Challenge Senior Hackathon.

This would be from the 2-4th of November 2018 at the HNB Jaffna Metro Branch Auditorium. In addition to the hackathon, there would also be a number of keynote speeches. Tickets for these can be obtained by clicking here.

We're Heading To Jaffna For Yarl Geek Challenge Season 07 5
Teams can work on their products, take part in keynote addresses and also receive one-on-one advice from mentors

The top teams from the hackathon will go on to take part in the finale of the Yarl Geek Challenge Seniors 2018. This would be held in Colombo on the 17th of November 2018. As always, we from ReadMe will be attending the YGC Seniors Hackathon in Jaffna.

If you’re one of the teams that will be attending, feel free to come over, say hi and snap a pic. If you can’t make it and you want to know what’s going on, you can always tune into our Twitter and Instagram feeds to stay updated.

You can also learn more about the YGC and the Yarl IT Hub by checking out their website and Facebook page.


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