Learning About FinTech at Yarl IT Hub’s third meetup


To those who are not sure of what Yarl IT Hub is, it is an IT community established in 2011 with the goal of transforming Jaffna into the next Silicon Valley. While this is a goal that cannot be achieved overnight, steps have been taken to reach it. Thus far, the community has organized several successful events to make this reality closer. Events such as the Yarl Geek Challenge, projects like Uki, and regular community meetups are a few examples of their effort. The third meetup of the Yarl IT Hub organized by the students at Uki, took place on the 22nd of July 2017, revolving under the theme of FinTech aka Financial Technology.  The event comprised of two sections: The launch of a new initiative and sessions on FinTech.

Image Credits: Yarl IT Hub

Encouraging Women into IT and Business with Cutar

In an effort to encourage more women into the journey of IT and business, Yarl IT Hub, launched a new project named Cutar.  With the motto of “Empower women, you empower a nation”, this new initiative aims to have equal participation of both genders in the industries. The launch of this project took place on 22nd of July at 1PM with the participation of more than 40 women from schools and universities. The launch that went for about an hour included the introduction to the project, a session by Randhula De Silva about the challenges women face when they decide to choose a different career path and how to overcome them, and an interactive session with the audience about choosing IT/tech as their careers. With that, the launch came to an end for the day, but not the meetup.

Learning about Fintech

The meetup on Fintech began around 2PM. Yoni Gottlieb – Senior Innovation Coach at InnoLeaps, was the key speaker of the event, and he began his session with an introduction to Fintech and how it is changing the world. He spoke about several existing companies that are making an impact in the world through Fintech.

Image Credits: Yarl IT Hub

Later, the audience were grouped into 8 teams. The teams were asked to pitch a solution to a problem in Sri Lanka using Fintech. Each team was given a minute to pitch, and the winning team was later awarded with a book. While Yoni’s session came to an end with suggestions to take a step into Fintech, there was an announcement waiting for the audience by Yarl IT Hub.

Using Blockchain for payment

“Blockchain is now what the internet was in 1990s,” began one of the members of Yarl IT Hub. The announcement was that Yarl IT Hub is beginning a new project on block chains.

Image Credits: Yarl IT Hub

This project is to “build a platform on block chains to allow freelancers, job seekers, startups and people who hire to list themselves connect and pay using cryptocurrency”, and the community is looking for senior developers and interns who would like to collaborate and work on this. The project will begin in September 2017 and go on for a period of 6 months. As YIT has announced by the beginning of the year through its first meetup, the applications for interested individuals to work on this project, and all you have to do is apply before 31st of July, 2017. You can apply through this link.

With the announcement, and the vote of thanks, the event came to an end, yet it has initiated two new journeys which we will be keeping an eye upon. In addition, it is almost time for Yarl IT Hub to call for applications for Yarl Geek Challenge Seniors, so keep following us for more updates about it.


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