Now You Can Send in-app Messages In YouTube


We’ve all shared YouTube videos with our friends via Facebook or WhatsApp. Thus far, that was all we could do and we were happy with it. But that doesn’t appear to be the case for Google. The folks over there are working on a feature where you can actually chat with others without ever having to leave the YouTube app. All thanks to YouTube’s new in-app messaging feature.

YouTube: New ways to communicate with your friends

The feature has been available in Canada since the beginning of 2017 and will soon find its way to the rest of the world. Akin to the direct messaging service seen in apps such as Instagram, the newly implemented feature in the YouTube app allows you to bring up your contacts and directly send them videos. You can also send an invite link to those not listed as a contact to install the YouTube app. Conversations created via the YouTube app can be with one person or multiple people. Each person in the conversation would be able to search for and send videos within the same conversation.

See a video you like? Why not send it to your friends and talk about it?
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You can’t however, send images because after all, YouTube is a video app. You can send texts and emoji though. YouTube’s in-app messaging feature will also let you add a heart to videos and messages sent in the conversation (again akin to Instagram). However, whether the heart will actually add the video to your favorites remains to be seen. There’s also no news about additional reactions either.

That’s not all Google is working on, though

The in-app messaging feature for YouTube is just one of the aspects that Google is working on. Google also announced that a future update would allow all YouTube videos to fill up the screen of your device no matter how the video is formatted. This is especially helpful for devices such as Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S8 and S8+ that have a minimum bezel so the video looks great. In addition, Google also appears to be testing the ability to control the playback speed of a video for the YouTube app. Even though this feature has been available on desktop, it would be nice to have in on the app as well.

While this feature does seem good and allows you to share your favorite videos with your friends, there may come a point where you are notified of so many videos in the conversation that you just want to leave it. Being a part of my fair share of WhatsApp conversations on Instagram, I can attest that after a while being a part of these are downright annoying. However, that’s just my view. Your choice is entirely upto you.

How do you feel about YouTube’s new in-app messaging feature? Love it? Hate it? Leave a comment below.


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