Zone 24×7 Anniversary, NBSQSA Conference at the same time, same place


The Galadari Hotel played host to not one, but two events – and ironically, they happened at almost the same time and barely a hundred meters apart from each other.

The first was Zone24x7’s 10th Anniversary Celebrations: a loud, vibrant and suit-and-tie affair that kicked off with a bang (several actually: they brought in an entire Eastern music band) and ended with toasts of champagne (for those who don’t know it, Zone24x7 is in the business of innovation).


At the same time, barely a hundred feet away, NBQSA (National Best Quality ICT Awards) announced the next NBQSA and the opening of applications thereof. NBQSA, organized by the BSC (British Computer Society) is one of largest ICT-related awards on Sri Lankan soil, celebrating individuals and corporations who have contributed to the cause of ICT in Sri Lanka. This time around, the following categories are open for awarding – warning: it’s a massive list:

  • Tools and Application Infrastructure
  • Security
  • Financial
  • Industrial
  • Health Care
  • Communications
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Tourism and Hospitality
  • General
  • Research and Development
  • Education and Training
  • E-Government and services
  • Startup
  • In-house
  • E-Inclusion and E-Community
  • E-Logistics and Supply Chain management
  • Green IT
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Post Graduate Student Project
  • Tertiary Student Project (Business)
  • Tertiary Student Project (Technology)
  • Secondary Student Project

We’ll apparently also see the following: ICT Lifetime Achievement Award, Public Sector Most Outstanding ICT Achievement Award, ICT Entrepreneur of the Year Award, and award for the Best Local Language Software (Take the hint, get that Unicode up and running) and, last but not least, and award for The Best Product developed using Open Source Technology. Keep an eye on for applications.



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