Dialog’s Giving Everyone Free Wi-Fi. For 30 Days.


Dialog has had some 2,500 Wi-Fi hotpots up for ages. Unfortunately, they’ve been pay-to-use, very much like hotel WiFi, so we’ve found ourselves steering clear of these despite the almost blanket coverage.

Dialog’s just made it much more accessible. The website freewifi.dialog.lk now allows you to register (Regardless of whatever network you’re using) and to get a PIN for any of the 2500 Wi-Fi hotspots. Free. However, there IS fine print. You have to register before the 30th of September and you’ll get 1GB worth of data for 30 days, after which you’ll have to start coughing up. That’s technically enough data for Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook and more importantly, Instagram.

Notice that “for every Sri Lanka” applies quite literally here. You need an NIC to sign up.

Let’s rephrase, then. If you’re going to be at any of these 2,500 locations (including, but not limited to the General Hospital Colombo) in the next 30 days, you might want to head over to the freewifi portal so you can Instagram your food and/or broken legs.



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