I Know Where Your Cat Lives


We see many cat posts all over social networks each day. That inner-loving-thief of yours tingles with pleasure to cuddle that fluffy-ness. Fortunately for the cat’s owner, you have no idea where it lives.

Maybe it’s about time you stop posting so many pictures of your cat online. “I Know Where Your Cat Lives” is an online map with physical locations of more than a million cats living worldwide formed by Florida State University art professor Owen Mundy.

Primarily a data experiment. this cat-napping resource gathers pictures tagged “cat” on popular hosting spaces as Flickr and uses their metadata to find the locations of the photos (and thus, presumably, the cats). These are then displayed on a Google Map interface. Beware though, you may find a half-naked neighbor tagged as a cat while searching for nearby kitties. There is also a “Random Cat” button you can hit to see a cat ruling on the other side of this world. Say your boss is being a pain today; push that button and drool at a cute faced kitty.


Mundy is heading at Kickstarter to find funds for hosting charges. Loving the global cat invasion? Help them out and continue cyberstalking them kittens. By the way, there’s someone at the door. Hide your cat!


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