Epic Movies takes to Asgard


As a lot of you, especially if you’re an Etisalat customer, might remember, a few months back Etisalat launched it’s customer loyalty program known as Epic Rewards, which aims at rewarding Etisalat customers with a variety of rewards of their choice, which they consider epic.

Exactly how epic can Epic Rewards get you ask? Well as you may remember, last Friday a certain event took place at Savoy, where excluding a few lucky winners who got tickets from ReadMe, Etisalat booked the entire theatre for it’s Epic Rewards members to treat them to an Epic Friday with a showing of Thor 2: The Dark World which was an epic movie.


Yes that’s right folks, Etisalat reserved an entire theatre and gave away free tickets to Epic Rewards members, but that’s not all, for those lucky few who passed the strong man test and proved they were as strong as an Asgard warrior, were given free hats courtesy of Etisalat and those Midgard mortals who didn’t make the cut, won a free keytag for the effort, once again thanks to Odin, ummm Etisalat.


This isn’t the 1st time they’ve carried out #EpicMovies actually, previously #EpicRewards participants were treated to a free screening of Krrish 3. Epic Movies though is merely one example of the rewards Epic Rewards members can get – another Epic Reward that was recently given was Etisalat giving away tickets to the Kandy SC vs Army Rugby match.

There’s plenty more Epic Rewards that are up for grabs, including money saving offers. So if you got an Etisalat connection why not sign up now and become and Epic Member today? There’s probably a lot more Epic Events coming up and we’ll bring you some cool stuff ourselves through them!


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