ExcelSoft launches ‘4sight’ for the apparel industry


ExcelSoft, a Sri Lankan software company which specializes in ERPs, recently announced the launch of 4sight – a production planning and scheduling tool, “designed specifically to maximize the usage of available, finite capacity and to improve on time delivery in high volume production environments” (read: to help make production more…uh, productive). It couples board displays to real-time production progress tracking, multi-line and multi-location support and a whole host of other tools for easy planning.

Launched recently at Trend Setters, a long standing ExcelSoft partner, the system has already enjoyed success as a tool.

“4sight is designed to be highly feature rich and most affordable planning tool available to the apparel industry to date and is also designed to allow planners to oversee production requirements with a high degree of confidence and speed while effectively maximizing the use of available capacity. The system also provides transparency, allowing for a more proactive process,” explained Saman Jayawardena, CEO at ExcelSoft.

Trend Setters, which is spread over quite a large area and several branches in Sri Lanka, is also quick to laud the software. “4Sight has done wonders for our overall production process,” says Joys Chokatte, Director of Trend Setters. “For a company as widespread as Trend Setters, the ability to provide real-time access to information through reports and the dashboard allows everyone to be on the same page and make better informed decisions.”

If you’d want 4sight powering your company, you can check out a free demo of the software and see for yourself. As of the time of writing, Trend Setters is the only company to have implemented 4sight.


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