Microsoft’s VP for Asia Pacific visits Sri Lanka


Earlier this year, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe met Jean Phillippe Courtois – President of Microsoft International, at Davos. Following this visit, Istvan Papp – Vice President of Microsoft Asia Pacific visited Sri Lanka. The purpose of the visit was to meet the Prime Minister and discuss opportunities to help Sri Lanka develop its IT sector.

Mr. Ishvan Papp - Vice President of Microsoft Asia Pacific
Mr. Ishvan Papp – Vice President of Microsoft Asia Pacific

Mr. Papp discussed the current state of affairs regarding ICT development in Sri Lanka. During these discussions, he referred to the development of various technologies such as Big Data, IoT (Internet of Things), and social technologies to name a few. Looking at the current IT market trends in the region, Mr. Papp said they would potentially lead to a cloud revolution, transforming economies and societies.

Mr. Papp also met partners, customers and representatives from the public sector. The purpose of these meetings was to gain insights into the Sri Lankan economy and technological landscape. Mr. Papp discussed future projects to enhance technology innovations in Sri Lanka. He also spoke with partners about upcoming Windows 10 devices and helping Sri Lanka’s cloud revolution. With these discussions, Microsoft is taking the first step to bring more Windows 10 devices and help Sri Lanka move to the cloud.

We’ll most likely see the Windows 10 devices hit the market later this year. However, Microsoft has now set a challenging goal for itself to help Sri Lanka move towards the cloud. It’s no easy task to digitize and implement a cloud system for the government devices. If Microsoft is serious, then they most likely do have a plan. If so, then the question is what the plan details and how long it would take to implement this plan.


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