Are you ready to witness the spectacular 3D Experience?


In order to uplift Sri Lankan Cinema it is vital to match up to the International standards and technology plays a key role in this venture. International cinema has reached its peak in the highest of technological standards, and the same experience should be enjoyed by Sri Lankan film viewers as well. As international films are produced using high technological standards they should be screened in an equally technologically equipped environment, if not, the quality of the entire creation would be lost and the viewer would not be able to enjoy the film in its true sense and style. EAP Films have been constantly dedicated to provide their viewers the best quality entertainment with the latest of technology and is determined to take numerous initiatives which will enable the Sri Lankan cinema to reach the much sought after international standards. One such initiative and by far one of the biggest ventures of EAP Films is the “Savoy 3D Cinema”.

The vision of EAP Theaters and Films is to become the favourite cinema chain in Asia and this mega initiative is in keeping with the company’s mission which is to strive to perfection when providing customer experiences that exceed expectations and be recognized as an emerging regional leader in the film industry through the discovery of quality service propositions, supported by superior performance from people and technology whilst nurturing values or responsible service and providing a sustainable future for all stake holders. EAP Theaters and Films possess 07 Core Values which comprise of Client First, Integrity, Respect, Learning, Change, Excellence and acting in Boundariless Fashion.

International cinemas use the 3D Technology which is the latest revolution to enter the cinema industry in order to create a much more entertaining and satisfying cinematographic experience for viewers and to provide the Sri Lankan viewers the same experience, the Savoy 3D Cinema will open its doors to the Sri Lankan public on the 26th July. The Savoy 3D Cinema comes complete with all new 3D Technology containing 4K Projectors. The present day  cinema experience comprises of 2K projectors, hence the 4k projectors will indeed be a refreshing experience as the new technology will enable extremely clear views and the 3D technology is eight times more effective than the HD Technology and the viewer is guaranteed to receive an extremely satisfying and an electrifying cinema experience.

For this mega project, EAP Theaters and Films have incurred a cost of Rs 100 Million, and has created history by introducing a Silver Screen to the Savoy 3D Cinema which is a first in the entire cinema industry in Sri Lanka and all of you viewers will be assured of a live cinematic adventure with our latest high definition technology, thereby making the Savoy 3D Cinema one of the most sought after cinemas in the country as well as in the south Asian region.

For those of you visiting the Savoy 3D Cinema, you will be able to purchase tickets under two seating areas, if you want to experience the international cinematic experience in true style, you will be able to witness it by purchasing Gold Class tickets for a price of Rs 650.00.This area is fully equipped with state of the art seats and high quality lighting systems. You would not be able to witness this experience in any other cinema in Sri Lanka. Also on offer are ODC Tickets for Rs 400.00.

For the first time in Sri Lanka, you will be able to book your seats online and you could also specifically request for seats of your choice and be able to view your seat and surroundings of the cinema before you actually make your visit. You can enjoy this facility from your mobile phone as well. All you have to do is, simply dial 444 from a dialog mobile and you will be able to book your ticket in advance.

In order to fulfill our dream of becoming the leading cinematic provider in Asia, EAP Theaters and Films have increased our number of cinemas to 17 including Wilmax Cinema in Anuradhapura and Excel Cinema in Excel World and it is our objective to grow into 25 cinema’s island wide within a period of 02 years. EAP Theaters and Films have also entered into agreements with many international organization’s in order to take Sri Lanka Cinema to international film arena.



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