In Search of Talent : LIVE from Tantalize 2013


Yellow, folks! We’re tapping out these words from Row P at the Museaus Auditorium. In case you’re wondering what the heck we’re doing here,  here’s the word of of the day: Tantalize. the Grand Finale of APIIT’s mega-talent show, and right now the Museaus Auditorium is the most happening place to be – and as Strategic Partners, we’ve naturally got our own cosy nook carved out here. Only a few tickets were available at the gate when we entered but word is, that too has been sold out. 

Anyway, it’s the Grand Finale of Tantalize 2013 – to all you people who could not get a ticket or are stuck at home, we’re going to be blogging everything that happens here LIVE – it isn’t IT but who’ll miss Tanta! So keep this page open for the next 4 hours while we bring to you the updates fueled by Etisalat. If you’re travelling or on the mobile, follow the updates on Twitter at @readmelive.



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