Sierra Global first to launch the E-waste program in telecom services sector


Sierra Global first to launch the E-waste program  in telecom services sector 5

Photo (from left to right) : Sivahar Muthuramalingam – Head of Marketing at Think Green, Dr. Arosha Fernando – Director / CEO of Sierra Global, Wijesiri Malasinghe – Senior Consultant to CEO at Sierra Global, Saman De Silva – Senior Admin Manager of Sierra Global and Bathiya Fernando – Head of IT at Sierra Global during the official launch of company’s E-waste program.


Due to ongoing technological advancement, many of electronic products become obsolete within a very short period of time, creating a large surplus of unwanted electronic products, or “e-waste”. Disposing of e-waste in landfills has the potential to cause severe human and environmental health impacts.


E management of obsolete, unwanted or nonfunctional electronic equipment is a global problem driven by improving technology and the availability of new and recycled devices along with the toxic materials, resource conservation, and handling / disposal issues at end-of-life. Consumers, business, e-waste management companies, governments, non-profits, and the re-processors all play a role in the lifecycle of electronics equipment.


Sierra Global Network Private Limited, a leading infrastructure development and managed services firm in Sri Lanka showing its true dedication to the environment has joined hand with Think Green, a licensed company approved by the Central Environmental Authority (CEA) of Sri Lanka for pioneering in providing safe and reliable electronic waste management services in Sri Lanka.


“Electrical and electronic equipment that is thrown away contains heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, and beryllium. These metals become mixed into the food chain and can cause harm to humans, animals and plants. The choices we make today will decide the future we want. Think green gives you the opportunity to recycle most of your wastage in to valuable content that can be used for many different purposes. I am very pleased and excited to see Sierra Global, the leader of telecommunication services sector has made the decision and commitment to support in this good cause” said Sivahar Muthuramalingam – Head of Marketing at Think Green.


“We are the first in our sector to launch the E-waste program which will be implemented in 27 of our regional offices located across the country. Time is running out, we have to change our perception towards electronics when we dispose it. Now is the time to gift your next generations a clean and healthy environment powered by your thoughts and actions. We urge our clients as well as our suppliers in the telecom sector to cultivate greener habits and help efforts to save the planet. Hence join this effort to ensure your electronics are recycled in an environment friendly manner” said Dr. Arosha Fernando – Director / CEO of Sierra Global.


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