TADhack Webinars underway


By now most you are probably aware as to what exactly TADhack is, but in case you aren’t here’s a brief intro: it’s a global hackathon for local telecommunication app developers happening here in Sri Lanka thanks to hSenid mobile. For more information check out our intro article on it here.

As we mentioned in our article about the 1st TADhack meetup, hSenid has a ton of resources for anyone interested in taking part at it’s own DevSpace forums including DevKit FAQ’s, demo apps as well as links to a series of webinars it’s conducting, which is open to everyone.

The 1st webinar of four took place last week on the 22nd of April and was presented by Jason Jebanesan, Account Manager at hSenid Mobile Singapore. It was titled Practical guide to create SMS Applications.

The 1st half of the webinar focused on introducing telco applications and the benefits of these applications such as: a loyal subscriber base and the wide accessibility of telco applications. Afterwards, Jason showed us some practical examples as to how a business can use a telco application.

He then moved onto show how easy it is to create a teclo application in 5 easy steps (even if you don’t have technical knowledge) and offered some tips when doing so, such as designing a proper business model for it. You can watch the entire webinar here to get all the details:

In case you’ve hit your data cap for the month here’s the slides Jason used: www.slideshare.net/janagans/webinar-1-v10-33835142?ref=http://devspace.hsenidmobile.com/

hSenid has also provided a detailed step by step guide showing how exactly you can code a sample SMS based application, which you can view at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=59ayVSP059Y&feature=youtu.be

You can also download the sample application here.

The 2nd webinar will be taking place today, the 30th of April at 6pm. It’ll be focusing on USSD and its uses. So if you’re interested in developing a telco application for your business, to solve an issue, for world domination or just for fun head over here and register ASAP!



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