Tech Support For Non-Profits: The Launch of Saviman


Picture yourself running a non-profit organization. Helping people isn’t cheap and nowadays you need to deal with technology. This is where comes in.

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Launched on the 10th of February at the British Council, Saviman is the dream of five people – Harsha Purasinghe, Rohan Jayaweera, Samisa Abeysinghe, Chandika Jaysundara & Sharanya Sekaram.  The aim of Saviman is to provide enterprise level tech support to non-profit organizations from various volunteer experts in the industry.

Now enterprise level tech support means Saviman’s experts won’t tell you how to configure your Windows PC. No they’re here to answer the big questions that are holding back a non-profit from being more effective like: “how do I setup a website for donations?” or “Can you recommend a good stock control system?”  To quote Sharanya Sekaram, “When you have a tech background building a website is easy. A non-profit that doesn’t will have five hundred questions and no-one to answer them.”

Currently at the time of writing has 17 experts on board – all of whom have impressive credentials and we know to offer the valuable advice. Take our word for it folks; these people know what they’re talking about.

Currently Saviman is planning to help local non-profits. As time passes it’ll expand slowly by gaining more experts from other countries and offer better help to non-profits all across the planet. However, even at it’s current stage ,foreign non-profits can submit requests. According to Harsha Purasinghe, even large non-profits have shown great interest in the idea.

At the end of the day, Saviman is a great idea with great people behind it. So how does Saviman work? Simply fill out this form stating the problem your non-profit faces and then one of the experts will get back to you. After the expert tells you what to do, he or she can point you in the direction of a company or open source software that’ll solve your company’s problem – depending on the budget.


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