Yes, everybody wants an original copy of Windows (it’s either that or switch to Linux). That said, Sri Lankan vendors are notorious for raising prices whenever they can get away with it. In a tour through Unity Plaza and other shops in the surrounding area, we discovered Windows prices to vary by as much as four thousand rupees. You’ll even find shops selling Ubuntu. No kidding.

The standard Windows prices (as in, the prices officially declared by Microsoft Sri Lanka) are given below:

  • Windows 7 starter : Rs.6,600
  • Windows 7 Home : Rs.17,500
  • Windows 7 Professional : Rs.22,500
  • Windows 8 Pro : Rs. 14,500
  • Windows 8 : Rs.22,500

So when you go shopping for Windows, make sure you pay prices similar to these. A price markup of around five hundred rupees should be expected. We found it advisable to cut out as many middlemen as possible and head to big stores like Barclays and Techzone for Windows. Curiously enough, one little  shop in Unity called Tulip offers substantially lower prices! We were quoted Rs. 14, 000 for a copy of  Windows 7 Home and Rs 18, 000 for Windows 7 Professional, with similar price drops for Windows 8. We have no idea if they make a profit at all, but if you’re shopping for Windows, it’s a good place to start.             


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